Alien Conversations / by Terry Thompson

This project explores the tribal and primitive impact of shapes and gestures that visually influence our feeling towards comfort. The colors demonstrates a rich and nurturing ambiance where a multitude of ovations celebrate conversations.

The Alien Conversations paintings were inspired by reoccurring dreams that I had about floating gels traveling in space. These peaceful dreams depicted egg-shapes and hand-like silhouettes reaching towards what appeared to be an ovum. Bright colors and saturated hues are dominant in each works.

The paintings also examines the expression of ideas, spirituality, freedom, and carnal fantasies. They are intangible assemblage of vignettes that fortuitous approach advances the conversation between forms and shapes.

For the longest time, my works were inspired/influenced by fashion magazines, fashion photographers, and party people. The Alien Conversations series paintings are a pivot to the naive idea of celestial space. The linkage between the past and present works are evident in the vibrant polychromatic works like Alien Conversations #2. The only retreat from the scattered dialogue of color fields is seen in Alien Conversations #8. I wanted to explore the use of monochromatic tones  that are often seen in dreams. It turned out to be one of my favorite from the series.